Types of Hangers

By Mike

Clothing hangers come in a variety of types, each designed to accommodate different clothing items and serve specific purposes. Here are some of the most common types of clothing hangers:

  1. Wire Hangers:
    • These are thin, lightweight hangers made of metal wire.
    • Often provided by dry cleaners and laundry services.
    • Suitable for basic clothing items like shirts and blouses, but not ideal for heavier garments.
  2. Plastic Hangers:
    • Made of molded plastic, these hangers are widely available and come in various colors.
    • Typically used for lightweight to medium-weight clothing such as t-shirts, dresses, and lightweight jackets.
  3. Wooden Hangers:
    • Known for their durability and elegant appearance.
    • Ideal for heavier garments like suits, coats, and dresses, as they help maintain the shape of the clothing.
    • Available in various styles, including traditional, cedar, contoured, and specialty hangers.
  4. Padded Hangers:
    • These hangers are wooden or plastic hangers wrapped in foam or fabric padding.
    • Designed to prevent delicate fabrics like silk and satin from getting creased or damaged.
  5. Velvet Hangers:
    • Velvet-covered plastic hangers have a non-slip surface that prevents clothes from sliding off.
    • Great for preventing slippage of silky or delicate garments like camisoles and lingerie.
  6. Clip Hangers:
    • Equipped with clips or clamps to secure skirts, pants, or accessories.
    • Clips are adjustable to accommodate different garment sizes.
  7. Cedar Hangers:
    • Made from cedarwood, these hangers release a natural cedar scent that repels moths and insects.
    • Ideal for preserving the freshness and quality of clothing items, especially woolens.
  8. Children’s Hangers:
    • Smaller-sized hangers designed for children’s clothing.
    • Often available in fun colors and designs to appeal to kids.
  9. Specialty Hangers:
    • Tailored for specific items or purposes.
    • Examples include tie hangers with hooks or pegs for organizing ties and belt hangers for belts and accessories.
  10. Multi-Tier Hangers:
    • These hangers have multiple horizontal bars, allowing you to hang several garments in a vertical stack.
    • Useful for saving space in small closets.
  11. Space-Saving Hangers:
    • Designed to maximize closet space by allowing you to hang multiple garments on a single hanger.
    • Common types include cascading hangers and tiered hangers.
  12. Boot Hangers:
    • Shaped to support the structure of boots and prevent creases.
    • Keep boots in good condition and save closet floor space.
  13. Lingerie Hangers:
    • Small hangers with multiple hooks or clips for organizing bras, panties, and other delicate undergarments.

Choosing the right hanger depends on the type of clothing you have, your closet space, and your organizational needs. Using the appropriate hanger not only helps preserve your garments but also keeps your closet neat and organized.