Wholesale Hangers

By Mike

Wholesale hangers are bulk quantities of hangers that are typically purchased by retailers, clothing stores, dry cleaners, and other businesses that require large quantities of hangers for organizing and displaying clothing. Buying hangers in bulk can be cost-effective and convenient for businesses that regularly deal with a high volume of garments. Here are some key aspects to consider when looking for wholesale hangers:

1. Types of Wholesale Hangers:

  • Plastic Hangers: These are lightweight, cost-effective, and come in various colors and styles. They are suitable for a wide range of clothing items.
  • Wooden Hangers: Sturdy and elegant, wooden hangers are often used for suits, coats, and high-end clothing. They help maintain the shape of garments.
  • Wire Hangers: Thin metal wire hangers are lightweight and inexpensive but are not ideal for heavy or delicate clothing items.
  • Velvet Hangers: Velvet hangers have a non-slip surface and are suitable for items like dresses, blouses, and lightweight sweaters.
  • Padded Hangers: These hangers are covered with fabric or foam to prevent delicate garments from slipping or getting damaged.

2. Quantity and Customization:

  • Wholesale hangers are typically sold in large quantities, ranging from hundreds to thousands of hangers in a single order. Consider your business’s specific needs and storage space when deciding on the quantity.
  • Some suppliers offer customization options, allowing you to choose hanger colors, materials, and even add your company’s logo or branding.

3. Supplier Selection:

  • Research and choose reputable suppliers or wholesalers known for their quality hangers. Look for suppliers that offer competitive pricing, reliable delivery, and good customer service.

4. Cost Considerations:

  • Buying hangers in bulk can save your business money in the long run. However, it’s essential to factor in shipping costs and the storage space required for the hangers when assessing the overall cost.

5. Material and Quality:

  • Ensure that the quality of the hangers meets your business’s requirements. High-quality hangers are more durable and provide better support for clothing items.

6. Specialty Hangers:

  • Depending on your business, you may need specialty hangers such as clip hangers for pants, children’s hangers, or hangers with specific features. Make sure your supplier can provide the types of hangers you need.

7. Delivery and Storage:

  • Consider where and how the hangers will be delivered and stored. Ensure you have the necessary storage space to accommodate the bulk order.

Wholesale hangers are essential for businesses in the fashion industry, and the right choice can help maintain clothing organization and presentation. It’s advisable to research multiple suppliers, compare prices, and, if possible, request samples to assess the quality before making a wholesale hanger purchase.